Questionaire Objective: Measurement of customer satisfaction / expectation

Name of project/product :
Section A  

Please tick the approriate box.

1. Gender Male Female
2. Race Indian Malay Chinese

If others, please specify :


3. Martial Single Married Divorced
4. Occupation

Own business Goverment business Employed by private sector

If others, please specify :


5. What is your personal income?


Below RM 1,000

RM 1,001 - RM 2,000
RM 2,001 - RM 3,000
RM 3,001 - RM 4,000
RM 4,001 - RM 5,000
RM 5,001 & above

Section B

Please tick the approriate box.  

6. How long you have been staying in your present house ?

More than 6 years

6 - 5 years
5 - 4 years
4 - 3 years
3 - 2 years
2 - 1 years
less than a year
7. Do you buy for own occupation or to rent out? Own occupation
For rent
8. How do you come to know about the existance of SUDC ? Newspaper
Friends and relatives
Staff of SUDC
Authorized contractor
If others, please specify :


Section C  
Please tick the approriate box  
9. What make you choose SUDC housing? Affordable Price
End Financing service assistance
After sales services
If others, please specify :
10. How satisfied are you with SUDC's products ?
a. Afforable Price Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
b. Quality Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
c. Location Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
d. Design Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
e. End Financing service assistance Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
f. After sales services Very statisfied Statisfied Disstatisfied
If others comments, please specify :
11. Have you ever received below standard property products from SUDC ?
Yes No
12 . If yes, please state element of low standard of any product
State Product :
a. Wall
b. Pipping
c. Ceiling
d. Roofing
e. Flooring
f. Foundation
g. Window's Doors
If others, please specify :
13. How would you rate the service provided by SUDC?
Pre-sales service from our sales personnel Excellent Good Poor
Assistance in getting financing for purchase Excellent Good Poor
Joint inspection of the property before moving in. Excellent Good Poor
If others comments, please specify :

Meruntum Lagoon Resort
Kuhara Court Condominium
Karamunsing Financial Centre
Likas Bay Business Precint
Lok Kawi Heights - Idaman
Lok Kawi Heights - Impian
Marina Court Condominiums
Api-Api Centre Apartments
Kota Kinabatangan Shop Houses
Sandakan Industrial Estate Phase II B
Kudat Waterfront Resort Village
Kuhara Hotel

Thank You for your co-operation.